Increase Newsletter Subscriptions Ideas

Increase Newsletter Subscriptions

Increase Newsletter Subscriptions: Blogs, Discussion Lists, and Web Forums   Obviously, we all want everyone in the world to be as interested as we are in our newsletter, and more importantly our products and services. The fact is, many more … Read More

Updating Recipient Details in All Groups

“Is there any easy way to update recipient details in all of my email groups at the same time?”   Yes! If you want to update recipient details in all your groups at the same time, you can follow these … Read More

Create a group

“How do I create a group in GroupMail?” You can create a group of email recipients in seconds with GroupMail!   1. Open GroupMail and either click the large Groups button in the toolbar or click File/New Group 2. By … Read More

How to Fix Mailing List Problems with Tweaker

All mailing lists and databases are not created equal. Sometimes, mailing lists and databases contain content and formatting that doesn’t support your email newsletter, marketing or personalization efforts. For example, your email list might contain name fields which combine first … Read More