Here’s 10 of the many reasons to choose GroupMail for your email marketing.

We’re affordable

No Monthly Fees! No Per-Email Cost! No Contract! You can use GroupMail to send as many email campaigns as you wish. That means you can send as many newsletters to your contact list as you want, for a one-off low price.

We're incredibly popular

GroupMail is currently helping over 1 million people in 160 countries with their email marketing – sending stylish newsletters, promoting small businesses and managing email contact lists every day.

GroupMail is secure

No need to rely on a third-party to store your mailing list data. Store your email list and email data locally – on your own machines, keeping your data safe and secure. This ensures that email addresses on your contact list remain private.

GroupMail builds trust

Direct Mail helps establish and improve relationships with your members, fans, clients and customers by keeping in touch easily.

GroupMail is private

Send individual emails to each recipient in your group, ensuring the privacy of each person on your list. Each person on your list receives a personal email from you to them.

We love to integrate

As well our standalone newsletter templates, we also work with the systems you're already using. GroupMail links to popular list management products like ACT!, MS Access, Excel, Outlook, SQL Server, Oracle, Clipper/Dbase, FileMaker, GoldMine, MySQL and others.

Complete freedom

Unlike other services you're free to import your list of any size and with any type of email address you wish. There are no restrictions.

GroupMail is easy

Creating and sending beautiful newsletters, contact management, bounce handling, website sign-ups, opt-outs and much more is a breeze with GroupMail email marketing software.

Support is important to us

We believe in treating customers how we'd like to be treated and look to answer support queries within two hours when we're in the office.

We love to innovate

GroupMail has been around for over 10 years and we love to innovate with regular new updates and releases.